The Current State Of Meetings Technology

The City of Atlanta Workforce Development Agency will develop a clearinghouse of employer needs, training programs, and job seekers to connect qualified candidates to open tech jobs. Talent Albuquerque is a demand-driven initiative launched by Mayor Berry with Innovate+Educate, in which the industry partners are recognizing skills and competencies in their job postings, rather than only degrees or years of experience. The program has over 300 local employer partners, including T-Mobile, Alliance Data, and Manpower. The goal is to fill at least 5 percent of IT jobs based on skills and competencies rather than just degree and experience. Talent ABQ is mapping courses and curriculum across the City to IT jobs to ensure that people have access to training opportunities in IT. In addition, the city of Albuquerque plans to expand the Running Start for Careers program to include an IT and coding course.

In addition, the 3 Rivers Workforce Investment Board is supporting over 400 youth jobs within STEM fields this summer and is allocating $1 million toward creating IT and technology career pathways for disadvantaged youth. The Pittsburgh region is actively pursuing expansion of computer programming training in all high schools. The Community College of Allegheny County facilitates the access to job opportunities in the growing IT sector by offering stackable micro-credentials.

Digitizing government functions such as business licensing, permitting, and tax filing can free local enterprises from red tape, contributing to a more entrepreneurial business climate. The City of Seattle will also collect and analyze job data by partnering with LinkedIn and Burning Glass Labor Insights to help partners align training with the skills that employers like Amazon, Boeing, Expedia, and Microsoft are seeking. Oakland is committing to place 400 individuals into paid internships or full-time jobs by the end of 2015 through several accelerated pathways. First, Oakland partner #YesWeCode is providing low-cost access to coding bootcamps, as well as 300 apprenticeships and job commitments from over 200 partners including Square, Lyft, Pinterest , and Twitter over the next five years. In addition, Intel has invested $5 million into the Oakland Unified School District to support engineering and computer science programs that will reach 2,400 high school students.

There is no editing or spin – live streaming your event opens the real time experience to everyone. In an interview with Event Marketer, Andrew Kabakoff, VP-Marketing at Sunoco, details his lessons learned when using this current event technology at a recent NASCAR race in Daytona. The City of Stamford and the Connecticut Department of Labor are working with Crashcode and The Business Council of Fairfield County to train and place 1,000 new workers into tech jobs by 2020 via an accelerated training program.

That leads to up-front risk analysis to determine which pieces need the highest levels of security. The next step is recognizing that data and applications need to be secured individually, and user access needs to be defined at a granular level. Finally, the entire operation must be monitored continuously, using data analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms to check for anomalies and report on overall health.

More often than not, when pundits or industry leaders talk about “skill gaps” in the technology workforce, they are referring to literal tech-focused inadequacies – i.e. no staffers up to speed on emerging technologies, advanced security or various types of software development. These are valid, core needs for companies and critical for the people they employ in these roles. In today’s environment, though, other skills are becoming essential to even the techiest of the tech staff inside organizations. Some use the nomenclature “soft skills” to refer to these characteristics, but increasingly they are also referred to as “professional skills” or the like. Basically, it’s about the ability to communicate, lead, make a case, write well and organize a team.

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